15 Pieces Of Advice For Teens Headed To College, From Parents

Stay safe, learn a lot and have fun.

It's like everyone says: one minute you're changing diapers, the next minute you're sending your kid off to college. And before they venture off, we asked the HuffPost Parents community to share some words of wisdom and offer some advice to the teens.

And let's not overlook the most important piece of advice: don't forget to call your parents.

Going to college isn't about getting a job, it's about getting an education. Learning leads to a better life all around. Jobs will come and go, but your education is with you forever. You'll never know what you're most interested in until you learn something about it.” -- Coral Rousseau

Do not -- under any circumstances -- apply for one of the many credit card offers that come your way.” -- Charlie White

Get off your phone. Don't leave for a new experience and then take your whole life with you on your tablets and laptops and Facebook. Talk to people; make connections, broaden your lives.” -- Jamie M Haines

“Your parents' cultural and religious values may have been given to you, but this is a time when they are tested. Think hard about what you really believe in and stick to it." -- Karen Walker Riley

“Major in something that you are actually interested in, not just what you think will give you the best job prospects. A career without passion is bleak and monotonous, no matter how much it pays. Do what you love -- life is too short to do anything else.” -- Nicholl Summers

Lean to balance a check book, do your own laundry and cook!” -- Brandie Alvarado

"It's important to know how to say no -- to anyone, anytime you feel the need/desire. Learn to advocate for yourself.” -- Amy Carlo

“You don't have to decide the pathway of your entire life right now. Explore, try lots of new things, meet people. Get an education and learn how to think for yourself.” -- Christy Womble

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