Although women in 70Candles! Gatherings offer good advice about health and finances, their overwhelming emphasis is on social issues. They have thoughts about communication, relationships, and about appreciation of life and gratitude. Here is a selection of what they'd like their children and grandchildren to consider.


Talk with Seniors. Spend time with grandparents. Ask questions.
Tell stories, especially family histories
Remember, "You're going to get here someday."
Bring "talking" back. Put the phone down!
Keep in touch.
Spend one meal a day with family and converse.
Play together.


Put yourself in others' shoes.
Don't be judgmental.
Exercise forgiveness.
Words can really hurt. Be careful what you say. There are consequences of your words and actions--not just for the moment.
Learn to say, "I'm sorry."
Practice what you preach.
Be happy. Be respectful. Be positive.
Make family life a priority.
Avoid friction between parents.
Avoid pushing children too hard to achieve.
Know that education can be life-long. You can go back.
We Seniors should give our advice when asked. They need to learn on their own. But we should encourage and give positive reinforcement.
Get involved in your community. Be a good citizen.

Appreciation of Life and Gratitude

Have balance in your life. Do events outside of work. Go outside your comfort zone.
Follow your dreams. Have goals. Don't be afraid to make a change.
Be adventuresome.
Keep busy.
Have something to look forward to.
Be content. Have gratitude in what has happened.
Enjoy the "now." Have no regrets.
Use common sense.
Don't put something off; opportunity may not cross you way again.

Do you agree with these thoughts? Would you like to add to this list?
What other advice on these topics seems important to share with younger generations?


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