Advice from a Woman at the Top: Two Essential Factors for Career Decisions

When people ask me about my career, I often tell them there were two important factors I used in making decisions about what job to do or what job to take.

One was who you work with and for really matters; you've got to be with good, honest, hard-working, smart people from whom you can learn, and people who want you to be there. So, when you had people who felt you were pretty good at what you did and gave you opportunities, that spoke loudly to me.

The other thing was, I wanted to do work that other people couldn't do as well. I wanted to do something where my result was going to be clearly impactful, and that the recognition I might get for a job well done really mattered.

And that was how I made my decisions, and I'd say looking back it was okay. My path was pretty good.

See my video for more thoughts on this topic.

Marge Magner, a member of Accenture's board of directors since February 2006 and lead director since January 2014, is a founding member and partner of Brysam Global Partners.