Frank Underwood Explains How To Get Exactly What You Want, When You Want It

Get Exactly What You Want With This Advice From Frank Underwood

To some, Valentine's Day signifies love and affection. But this year, cupid's heart bleeds red, white and blue.

The second season of "House of Cards" arrives in full on Netflix on Feb. 14, so forget the box of chocolates and get ready for a long-awaited fix of political corruption and devious plots. Before you binge away Season 2 this weekend, reflect on some of Frank's most insightful pieces of advice on how to take what you want from life. Sure, he's an unscrupulous, selfish murder, but out of context, his words offer some wise counsel.

Bend/break the rules.While this is the last characteristic we desire of any politician, Frank's ideology can also inspire us to think outside of the box. His rule breaking gets him a V.P. nominee, but we hope you use this tip for more ethical show gifs

Humble thyself.If anyone knows how to read people, it's "The Whip." He's a master at adjusting himself to please others, and thus manipulating them. But the important message here is to remain humble, for whether sincere or not, it'll gain the respect of show gifs

Never assume, demand certainty.There's always going to be a point when clear knowledge is kept from us and we're left making assumptions. But channel your inner Underwood and be bold, be courageous, and insist on knowing!tv show gifs

Do what you gotta do, even if it sucks.Sometimes we're stuck in undesirable situations that call for a tough decision. Hopefully we never have to choose whether or not to end an injured dog's suffering as Frank placidly does, but here he reminds us to always be prepared to do the thing we may not want to show gifs

Don't be ashamed of your secrets.Hey, we all have them. Frank says they make us us, so don't be ashamed!tv show gifs

Craft your identity carefully.Frank reminds us that people judge us by what we show them, be it weakness or strength, truth or falsity. So always be conscious of what you reveal about show gifs

Maintain your inner strength.We all know the saying "sticks and stones may break my bones," but Frank just says it with such show gifs

"House of Cards" season 2 premieres on Netflix on Feb. 14.

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