'Advice For Young Girls From A Cartoon Princess' Shows Just How Crazy Disney Ladies Can Be (VIDEO)


It doesn't take a gender studies degree to know that the Disney princesses that girls have idolized for decades don't always make the best decisions. Ariel sold her voice for legs, all to impress a man. By today's standards that would make you INSANE.

In fact, Ariel was the last subject of The Second City Network's hilarious "Advice For Young Girls From A Cartoon Princess" series. In this latest installment, girls get advice on love and courtship from Belle of "Beauty And The Beast." Sure, she talks and sings to household items and basically commits bestiality after being enslaved by a walking, talking beast with money - but hey! She still has a lot of great advice for young girls. For instance, "Find a man that wants to imprison you with his love. The longer you're trapped with the same person, it'll start to feel like home -- Stockholm!"


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