Advice to Obama: Green Jobs

If you had DoE Secretary, Steve Chu's job, what would you do? In other words, how can Obama better jumpstart the clean tech economy and create more green jobs?
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The Obama administration ought to have sent an envoy to the FountainBlue State of Clean Green Conference last week. A panel of Silicon Valley clean tech experts had much to share in response to Moderator Eric Wesoff's question...if you had DoE Secretary, Steve Chu's job, what would you do? In other words, how can Obama better jumpstart the clean tech economy and create more green jobs?

Here's a Fresh Dialogues roundup of sage advice.

One: Laurie Yoler, Managing Director, GrowthPoint Technology Partners said,

"I look at the pricing and incentivizing through market pricing. We're still subsidizing imported oil without putting the investment into alternative energies...I think we should put a tax on imported oil and use it to help pay off some of the defense spending we're using to protect the transmission of that oil. We need to forge ahead with cap and trade legislation... until we have a price on carbon it's hard for the markets to plan and have any certainty."

Two: Tim Woodward, Managing Director, Nth Power said the government needs to create market demand, and recommends that every government building should have solar power and be retrofitted for energy efficiency; but warned,

"There's a little too much of a 'large check mandate' in the Federal Government that picks technologies and stifles innovation at lower levels: figure out how to get smaller dollars into the innovation engine of smaller companies."

Three: Elise Zoli, Partner and Chair, Energy Practice, Goodwin Procter said that the Department of Energy needs to improve the low commercialization rate of national labs and points to a new national initiative to create virtual access to all the labs' technology..."so you can see the technology, acquire it and begin to commercialize it."

"The DoE has a fantastic lab structure, producing some really innovative technologies... (we need to ) leave them there and help them -- through public/private partnerships -- and take that technology out of the labs..."


"There are things they (the DoE) do terribly and being a bank is one of them."

And Elise has one last piece of advice if you have a green energy technology you think the Feds can use, contact Richard Kidd at the Federal Energy Management Program: "Richard Kidd will not know you exist unless you call him...send an email to Richard's team and use my name!"

Note: Richard's email is, 202-586-5772 -- tell him Elise sent you...And check out the Program's website contact page for more info.

Other panelists included Dan Adler, President, California Clean Energy Fund, and Matt Maloney, Head of Relationship Management, Silicon Valley Bank

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