Here's The Best Advice We'd Give Our Younger Selves -- In Two Words

Here's The Best Advice We'd Give Our Younger Selves -- In Two Words

Arianna Huffington would tell her younger self to get more sleep. Maya Angelou would say to find a beautiful piece of art and relate, as much as possible, to the humanity in it. And Oprah Winfrey? She'd tell her younger self not to spend so many days and even years trying to please others.

With the benefit of hindsight, there are many things post 50s would tell their younger selves. Blogger Linda Wolff said she'd tell her younger self not to worry about what other people think because it's a waste of time and energy. But what if you only had two words to use? Then, what kind of message would you want to convey? We asked our Facebook fans to give us some answers -- and they didn't disappoint.

Take a look at the responses below and please feel free to add your own thoughts in comments.

1) "Ignore idiots" -- Cory Livingston

2) "Live bigger" -- Nancy Brovelli Mercurio

3) "Think first" -- Sandi Alatorre

4) "Stay single!" -- Maggie Montgomery

5) "runfromthatwoman youidiot" -- Jon Lieurance

6) "Bachelors Degree!" -- Samantha Hagen-Avery

8) "Plan better!" -- Cheryl Weisser

9) "Smile, laugh" -- Meg Wiebe

10) "Don't lie" -- Amara Yammine

11) "Have faith" -- Marion Rabinowe

12) "Exercise more" -- Donna Fay Brown Lentini

13) "Marry money" -- Angela Glover

14) "Love yourself" -- Diana Logue

15) "Never settle" -- Lisa Hindmarsh

16) "Not her" -- Charles Houde

17) "Be happy" -- Sherina Yeoh

18) "SAVE MONEY" -- Al Jones

19) "Stock market" -- Jenny Noel

20) "Be nice" -- Helen Ross

21) "Buy Apple" -- Rob Sabala

22) "Be independent" -- Sanna McIvor

23) "Don't worry" -- Mary Dell Harrington

24) "Cherish family" -- Melanie Springer

25) "Stop eating" -- Tracy Harding

26) "Take advice" -- Susan Latuga

27) "Choose wisely" -- Lawrence Chance

28) "Don't marry" -- Cheryl Aileen

29) "Chill out" -- Carol Cassara

30) "Trust yourself" -- Josette Tucker

31) "Fear not" -- Rebecca Woods Meredith

32) "Pay attention" -- Colleen Bloxham

33) "Live now" -- Valier Barricklow

34) "Love life" -- Denise Vieira

35) "College, college" -- Lynda Stone Zimmerman

36) "Enjoy, enjoy" -- Joyce Halee

37) "Praise God" -- DeRosa Schmaljohn Creger

38) "You're okay" -- Max Brill

39) "Forget boys. College degree" -- Diana Madson Benson

40) "Just relax" -- Naomi Rand

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