Adyashanti Shares A Simple Yet Powerful Exercise To Release Negative Energy (VIDEO)


Spiritual teacher Adyashanti, author of Falling Into Grace and Resurrecting Jesus says the thoughts in our heads must not be mistaken as our true identity. If negative energy is wearing you down, he has a five-minute exercise to help you let it go.

"Anybody can do this," Adyashanti says in the above video from his upcoming episode of "Super Soul Sunday,". "It's very powerful and it's very quick."

He says you should pull out two chairs, and sit down in one. Think of the emotion that is upsetting you. "It could be, let's say, anger," Adyashanti says. "And you just feel the anger and you think, 'Who's the first person that this reminds me of from my childhood?' And I've never had somebody not get a face immediately."

Adyashanti says to sit with the person's image in your mind -- just for one or two minutes. "Knowing that that's the face," he says. "Have their face on it. You're not blaming it on the face, right? You're just associating."

"And then have your intention that you just let that face and that energy stay on that seat, and get up and sit down in the other chair," he instructs. "And when you get up and sit down in that chair with the intention that you just leave that old energy behind, you'll sit down and you'll feel a completely different energy."

It’s a five-minute exercise that Adyashanti says will leave you feeling more like yourself. "What you'll start to feel is the presence that is yours rather than the energy that you've inherited from parents, from friends, from different places," he says.

Or another way to put it: You'll feel lighter. "Those of you who are watching around the world, you've had this moment where you feel that shift and it literally feels like a weight has been lifted," Oprah says.

Adyashanti's discussion with Oprah on "Super Soul Sunday" airs Sunday at 11 a.m. ET on OWN, when it also live streams on both Oprah.com and Facebook.com/supersoulsunday.

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