A Drone Just Crushed Your Best Vacation Photos (VIDEO)

WATCH: A Drone Just Crushed Your Best Vacation Photos

There's nothing quite like touring the countryside from above.

After getting the hang of his GoPro quadcopter while filming over Los Angeles, aerial photographer Clay Folden decided to branch out and traveled from Washington state to Manhattan. Along the way, he captured stunning bird's eye views of Jackson, Wyo., South Carolina's Folly Beach and the Florida Keys and edited them together to create his latest aerial drone tour.

Attaching a GoPro camera to a DJI Phantom, Folden was able to film while flying the drone over sprawling landscapes, bodies of water and urban settings.

But, it wasn't always easy to film with a drone.

"We did encounter some problems in the Keys. We had to launch from the dock attached to the lighthouse because the boat wasn't stable enough. After we packed up from our second flight, the Coast Guard showed up full throttle and gave us a couple written arrests," Folden told The Huffington Post, adding that he and his team and have been run off quite a few places.

In all, Folden and his team traveled to Hollywood, Laguna Beach and Vasquez Rocks in California, Blaine and Puyallup, Wash., Jackson, Wyo., St Petersburg and the Florida Keys, Folly Beach, S.C., and Manhattan. See if you can name the spots where Folden filmed each scene of his aerial drone tour in the video above.

Check out a video of the drone that was used to create Folden's stunning video:

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