Well, This Is One Way To Fill A Lake With Fish


This crazy video shows how Utah wildlife managers restock remote lakes with fish from their hatcheries -- by dropping them out of a low-flying plane.

Ted Hallows, the Kamas State Fish Hatchery supervisor, posted nine videos of aerial stocking in Utah over a year ago, but according to the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources the practice has been going on since 1956. Hallows previously told Fox 13 News that he captured the footage by putting a GoPro on the restocking plane.

According to Hallows, stocking remote lakes used to take months of walking in with milk cans full of fish, but now it only takes a few hours. Planes dip to about 150 feet above the lakes before releasing their cargo. Though it looks like a harrowing drop, Hallows says that most of the fish do in fact reach the water safely.

Utah is not the only state to use this method -- other states such as New Hampshire and West Virginia use aerial restocking as well.

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