Incredible Aerial Photos Make London Look Like A Perfect Miniature City

Vincent Laforet is famous for photographing cityscapes from thousands of feet above the ground, sticking his head out of helicopters to get the perfect shot. Having taken on New York City, San Francisco and Los Angeles for his series, "Air," Laforet recently released photos of London taken from 6,000 feet above the city.

In the set of photos, the bustling metropolitan is transformed into a bright collection of what looks like a miniature cityscape. "There is a very special beauty within the mysterious curves of London's streets," Laforet wrote on his website. "And especially so at night." The multi-colored photos show tiny double decker buses, Tower Bridge and Big Ben from rarely-seen angles.

The full set of Vincent's London photos can be seen at You can also sign up to pre-order a book on Vincent’s "Air" series at

Vincent Laforet
Vincent Laforet
Vincent Laforet
Vincent Laforet
Vincent Laforet
Vincent Laforet

The entire Air Series in Europe is sponsored by G-Technology.

Buckingham Palace
Jim Jordan Photography via Getty Images
Trafalgar Square
Tetra Images via Getty Images
Tate Modern
John Pavel via Getty Images
Tower of London
Thinkstock Images via Getty Images
National Gallery
The London Eye
Luiz Felipe Castro via Getty Images
Big Ben
Spaces Images via Getty Images
Westminster Abbey
Jupiterimages via Getty Images