Hilarious AeroMexico Ad Trolls Border Wall Debate With Mexican 'DNA Discounts'

Surprise! You're part Mexican!

A new commercial for AeroMexico adds a fascinating twist to some Americans’ suspicion and animosity toward Mexico ― feelings that have been stirred up by the debate over a southern border wall.

The irony is that more Americans than realize it have Mexican blood. But memories of many Americans’ Mexican heritage have been lost in the haze of history.

To persuade more U.S. residents to visit Mexico, AeroMexico has launched a creative ad campaign, which has already gone viral, that offers “DNA discounts” on the airline for Americans with Mexican heritage. Travelers are awarded percentage discounts equal to the percentage of their Mexican ancestry.

The slogan for the airline’s new “DNA Discounts” campaign is: “There are no borders within us,” a likely slam against President Donald Trump’s promise to build a border wall.

In the ad, a group of stone-faced Texans interviewed in their hometown of Wharton, about 300 miles north of the border, definitely do not want to travel to Mexico until, to their amazement, they discover via DNA testing that they are part Mexican and can enjoy significant discounts.

“Oh, wow,” says one young man who is told he’s 18 percent Mexican.

“That’s bullshit!” says an irritated elderly man when informed that he is 22 percent Mexican.

Generally, those whose DNA qualified them for cut-rate fares were pleased.

“I like discounts,” said one woman.

Check out the ad, which includes stunning views of Mexico, above.

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