AFER Recaps the Top Marriage Equality Moments of 2013 (VIDEO)

The year started with no shortage of uncertainly and doubt: After years of challenging Proposition 8, AFER was about to argue before the U.S. Supreme Court that marriage equality is protected by the Constitution.

Looking back, it seems unimaginable that Prop 8 wouldn't be struck down. After all, the court has ruled 14 times that marriage is a fundamental American right. And the prior rulings against Prop 8 were airtight.

Nevertheless, it was a harrowing few months.

AFER argued the case on a wintry day almost a year ago; then in June came the ruling, and a few days later, the weddings.

But AFER's work still isn't over. Not content with the victory in California -- the most populous state in the nation -- the organization has now turned to Virginia. The laws in Virginia are particularly harsh, and the courts particularly prompt. It's AFER's best hope for winning a victory that will bring marriage equality to the entire country.