Affair Recovery: Woman Remarries Cheating Spouse (VIDEO)

Would you forgive a cheating spouse?

Though some succumb to the belief, "once a cheater, always a cheater," others find a way to look past their partner's infidelity and forge a happy, healthy relationship moving forward. One example? About.com contributor Sheri Stritof, who divorced her husband Bob early in their marriage after he had an affair, only to reconcile and remarry him a year and a half later. The pair have now been together for 49 years.

Stritof opened up about the experience on HuffPost Live Wednesday and confessed to turning "his family against him" after learning about the affair. But that's not all she did:

"I was furious, I shouted it from the housetops, rooftops -- I wanted everyone in the whole world to know what a big creep he was, and that made our reconciliation a year and a half later even more difficult," she said. "In fact, I lied at work when flowers arrived because I didn't want anyone to know that Bob was sending me flowers -- that we were getting back together. I made him into such an evil being that it was really difficult, and I recognize that my own anger at the time made it even harder for the two of us to forgive one another."

Watch the video above for more on Stritof's story, then click through the slideshow below to test your knowledge of celebs who reconciled after calling it quits.

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