30 Affordable 'Little Treats' Under $30 That Our Editors Bought For Themselves

Little treats are for everyone.
L'Occitane moisturizer, Fly By Jing chili crisp and Uniqlo ribbed sock
Amazon, Fly By Jing, Uniqlo
L'Occitane moisturizer, Fly By Jing chili crisp and Uniqlo ribbed sock

We all deserve little treats. They help brighten up stressful afternoons at work, long errands and general everyday life while letting us pamper ourselves just a little bit. “Little treat culture” has gone viral on TikTok for just this reason.

Part of the beauty of little treats is that they’re little. They are not meant to be big splurges that rock your budget. Instead, they’re reminders to enjoy the little pleasures in life, whether that’s perfectly soft socks, a luxurious new hand cream or a cute little figurine for your desk.

We asked HuffPost editors what delightful little treats they’ve bought for themselves lately, and they did not disappoint. Read on for some of their gems, all of which are under $30 (with some costing no more than $4), including a fascinating twist-to-shred chicken shredder, a surprising number of Mrs. Meyer’s products (we’re not mad about it) and a magnesium-packed body serum stick.

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A four-pack of mini mushroom bookmarks
"These dainty little mushroom bookmarks... make me so happy." — Lydia O'Connor, senior reporter
A two-pack of Mrs. Meyer's scented candles
"To usher in spring, I always buy Mrs. Meyer's lavender-scented candles. They're affordable and the package from Amazon contains two of these great-smelling candles. They fill the room but aren't overwhelming. I love them for early spring/end of winter!" — Jillian Wilson, wellness reporter
A box of instant Thai iced tea — just add hot water and milk
"I bought this pack of Thai iced tea bags!" — Erin Evans, senior culture editor

The pack comes with a tea spoon for stirring, too.
A colorful pair of finely ribbed Uniqlo socks
"I'm obsessed with these colorful unisex Uniqlo socks, I just got a batch in the mail. They're 4 for $15 and they come in literally 57 colors... They're nice and tall and just the right thinness/thickness." — Kristen Aiken, editorial director of Life and Commerce

The socks are available in unisex 8–11 sizing.
A hydrating body serum stick packed with magnesium
"I bought myself this magnesium stick that I saw someone on TikTok recommend – it’s from Ashley Tisdale’s Target line and it’s supposed to help with tension/pain. I carry so much tension in my shoulders so I’ll just use it whenever I’m really feeling tense and it helps and smells amazing." — Alexandra Niforos, operations associate
A tube of L'Occitane shea butter hand cream
"I looove to treat myself to the big tubes of L'Occitane hand lotion." — Lilli Peterson, news editor

It's also available in a smaller size for $13 at Amazon and Ulta.
A cherubic Sonny Angel figurine
"This adorable little stocking stuffer has taken the hearts of TikTok users everywhere, myself included. If you're not familiar with the Sonny Angel phenomenon, they are a collection of sweet figurines that come in blind bag packaging and in tons of different series, from animals to baked goods to vegetables. Recently, the company launched their Hipper line, which feature a forever-sticky adhesive so the Sonny Angel can be mounted on any flat surface. I have a few on my laptop and one on my phone case, and I cannot tell you the joy that it gives me everyday when I see it." — Tessa Flores, shopping writer
A set of four cherry garnish cocktail picks
"Garnish all your martinis and at-home drinks with this sweet little quad of cherry cocktail picks made from brass and stainless steel. They also come in olives!" — Flores
A delightful tube of Marvis toothpaste
"If you're not yet aware of the joy that is Marvis toothpaste, know that it's vintage formula hailing from Florence, Italy and packaged in the world's most charming little tube that will look impeccable displayed on your bathroom counter. It whitens and protects teeth from plaque and comes in tons of remarkable flavors like ginger, chocolate and florally jasmine mint." — Flores
An elegant glass cloche for matches — with a strike spot
"If you're a maximalist, you'll probably take great delight in seeing your matches displayed in this ombre glass cloche already equipped with a strike spot and a bundle of sleek white-tipped matches." — Flores
A chicken and meat shredder
"It has changed how I cook, it makes shredding chicken (something I hate) enjoyable!" — Paige Lavender, senior breaking news editor

To use the shredder, just put your meat inside and twist. Amazon reviewers are also obsessed with this find: One reviewer wrote that it "[c]ut my shredding time in half, and the results are perfect every time."
Old Navy
An expensive-looking Old Navy button-down
"I am militantly devoted to button-down shirts and Old Navy secretly makes really great ones. They're soft, perfectly oversized and affordable enough that I feel comfortable letting my kids destroy them. Even though I already own three in different colors, I just treated myself to this one for $15. It looks a lot like a MUCH pricier Nili Lotan one that I bought from Nordstrom Rack several years ago." — Emily Ruane,shopping managing editor

It's available in sizes M–4X and in petite and tall sizes, plus in five other colors.
A cozy self-warming pet bed
This cozy bed was a treat for my cat, Bee, but seeing her enjoy it so much makes it a treat for myself, too. This pet bed is surprisingly affordable given how popular it is and how cool its features are. It's designed to reflect pets' body heat using the same technology as mylar space blankets, so your pet will be warm and cozy, no electricity required. I have to admit I was skeptical it would actually do this before buying it, but once I saw how obsessed Bee was with it — she now chooses this over my bed and her other cat beds — it's clear to me that there's some magic to it. I can also feel how warm it keeps her when I put my hand underneath her while she's in it. It's covered in faux lambswool for extra comfy softness, and frankly I want one for myself. It's available in multiple sizes and in round or rectangular styles, so it can accommodate small and medium sized dogs, too.
A soft satin and cotton scarf
"I bought this scarf recently and it's really nice. Keeps me cozy without adding bulk or making me sweat." — Greta Geiselman, senior workplace and security director
A ceramide-rich hydrating facial spray
"I got this Curel spray for my face, which is dry like a desert! Moisturizing day and night wasn't enough, so now I also spray this on a few times a day and it adds a surprisingly effective layer of moisture on my face! And it takes no time! It’s $15. A little treat for my face." — Aiken
A bottle of Mrs. Meyer's hand soap
"[A] small luxury I allow myself because I wash my hands too much." — Sara Boboltz, reporter
Some travel-sized Mrs. Meyer's hand sanitizers
"I bought some travel Mrs. Meyer's hand sanitizers recently too and dropped them in all my bags." — Evans
Kid Robot
A mini "blind box" gourmet snack vinyl figurine
"I bought myself three of these recently as a little treat. They're ridiculous and a splurge (even though they're only $11) but now that I have an anthropomorphic grape soda, bag of cheese balls and pack of gum sitting on my desk keeping me company while I work, my life seems exponentially better!" — Noah Michelson, editorial director, Personal
A classic children's book
“We went to a book sale at our local library last week and I shopped until I effing dropped. The book one that I was most excited about was 'Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.' It was one of my favorites growing up and so far my kids seem pretty enthralled by it, too.” — Ruane
A spool of rainbow 3D printer filament
"I bought some cool rainbow 3D printer filament to print these Fidget cubes that my family is obsessed with, can probably print 20 of these for $20 of filament." — Chris McGonigal, senior photo editor
A trio of flameless LED candles
"I went glamping in a fancy trailer for my birthday that had battery candles in the bedroom. I've always been anti anti-electric candle, as I love the smell and ambiance of a real one, but I felt so delightful falling asleep to the flickering light, like an old-timey sea wench or something. There was just something really soothing and spa-like about falling asleep to (fake) candlelight. I just got this little trio that literally has a remote I can use from my bed for actual regal vibes. If you have trouble winding down to go to sleep, I would try getting a flickering fake candle." — Griffin Wynne, shopping writer
A tin of Smith's Rosebud Salve
"I come from a long line of little to no makeup wearers and yet we all foam at the mouth for this versatile rose salve (and often put it in each others stockings at Christmas). I use it all over my face, love it around my eyes and can use it I guess as like a 'highlighter' kind of (on tip of nose and cheek bones) as it catches the sun. The tin makes it feel vintage and a lot fancier than it is and its super easy to carry around in a bag." — Wynne
Fly By Jing
A jar of spicy Sichuan chili crisp
"If you struggle to cook/feed yourself because of depression (as do I), I have learned the name of the m-f game is sauces and general toppings. They instantly transform otherwise plain foods like eggs or those microwave-packed of rice, making it feel like a full and unique meal. For the spice heads in the room, I cannot recommend Fly By Jing's Sichuan chili crisp enough, I literally put it on everything and it makes me look forward to having a little snack even when my appetite is off." — Wynne
A snuggly plush throw
"For my housewarming, a dear friend got me a super snuggly plush throw blanket that I've been wearing like a cape non-stop. It was such a sweet gift that brings me so much comfort (emotionally and like literally tactical) and it feels like my friend is giving me a hug whenever I snuggle under it. It made me realize that a little fuzzy blanket is kind of the ideal little treat to get yourself or to give a friend. Because it's just a throw, it doesn't need to match the rest of the house, and honestly, I really like the look of a bunch of mismatched cozy throw blankets around. I keep one in my office chair, one on my bed and a few by the couch." — Wynne

This throw blanket comes in silver, blue, teal and pink.
Wax Buffalo
A nourishing roll on fragrance
"I discovered this little roll on perfume on the Listen to America bus tour stop in Lincoln, NE, at this adorable store." — Kate Palmer, executive editor

Palmer recommended the blood orange scent. It's also available in eight other scents, including rosemary + mint and sweet tobacco.
A refreshing and softening sea salt soap
"These are my favorite." — Palmer

You can use this to cleanse your body and face, or even as a shaving soap. It promises to last longer than other soaps due to its dense, mineral-rich composition.
Capri Blue
A fragranced car diffuser set
"I bought these for my car recently and love it." — Palmer

The set comes with a reusable car diffuser and four cult-favorite 'Volcano' fragranced reeds.
Girl Scouts
A box (or two, or three) of Girl Scout cookies
"I also recently bought some Girl Scout Cookies! Thin Mints, Tagalongs and a new s'mores flavor that I love." — Ruane
Barrio Drive
A cool print whose proceeds support DACA renewal applicants
"I just bought an inexpensive print that I'm excited to get! Proceeds go to a fund to assist DACA renewal applicants." — Matt Shuham, national desk reporter
Rituel de Fille
A customizable sample set of Rituel de Fille makeup
Rituel de Fille is one of my favorite makeup brands; it's founded by two sisters and uses natural ingredients to create products that are meant to feel magical. They live up to the hype: Their products are truly unlike what you'll find anywhere else, with unique, nuanced shades and buildable formulas that let you have fun with your makeup and still look professional at work or at dinner. One of my favorite things about Rituel de Fille is their commitment to accessibility. They offer this $15 customizable sampling set so you can try out five different products and shades without having to commit to buying a full-sized product first. Then, perhaps coolest of all, they provide a $10 discount for whatever full-sized product you buy from your sample set up to 90 days after your purchase. I tried this cool sheer yellow "Wasp" balm that is surprisingly subtle and pretty on cheekbones and lips, plus a taupe "Intuition" blush that has knocked my socks off. Each sample is supposed to last two uses, but I've found that my samples last me far beyond that, providing me with 15 wears.

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