Affordable Smart Home Devices That Won't Break The Bank

Trust us, going high tech is a lot less expensive than you might think.

These days, it seems like everyone is living the smart home life. They’re turning on their lights with their voice and controlling everything from thermostats to TVS, cameras and doorbells through automated systems.

The only problem with smart homes? They can get expensive, and we don’t all have cash we can fork over for the sake of this high-tech convenience. One little-known fact, though, is that there are plenty of smart gadgets available that won’t break the bank. Here are the best affordable ones at Walmart.

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An indoor/outdoor security camera
Think you need a Google Doorbell to keep your home secure? Think again: This $36 indoor/outdoor camera can be used outside for security purposes, but it can also be used inside if you need a baby or pet monitor or simply want to keep an eye on certain things in your home. With motion and sound detection and two-way audio, it’s hard to go wrong with this little camera.
An affordable smart thermostat
There are tons of expensive smart thermostats out there, but this $100 one will keep your home at the perfect temperature without draining your bank account. You can control it through the Honeywell Home app and use Smart Alerts to know if your home is dipping below a certain temperature and when to change your air filters.
Smart LED Bulbs
Don’t have a dimmer switch but still want the ambiance? These smart LED bulbs from Philips connect to the free WIZ app, which syncs to the bulbs to create a comfortable ambiance with presets, custom scenes and dynamic light settings.
A Google Home device
Google Homes are really expensive, right? Wrong! They’re actually quite affordable, and are powered by the “Google Assistant,” meaning you can ask practically any question and get an answer in moments. You can also get Google to play your favorite songs, turn on your lights, and so much more.
A Roku Streaming Stick
There are lots of super-expensive smart TVs out there, but you can get many of the same elements of that with the Roku Streaming Stick. The Roku plugs right into your TV with a simple setup, and you can easily start streaming channels like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and more.
A smart clock
With a big, bold 4” LED display, a built-in dimmable nightlight and the option to use Google Assistant, there are very few things this smart clock can’t do. Listen to music, news, podcasts and so much more, all while never losing sight of what time it is.
A remote control electrical outlet switch
Didn’t know you could control your electrical outlets with a switch, did you? This wireless remote control outlet kit contains everything you need to plug in and sync this smart outlet up to other outlets — which can then be controlled with a remote!
A security base station
This all-in-one security system comes with Amazon Alexa built in, facial recognition and it will give you smart mobile alerts. This security system is easy to install and includes two-way audio, so you never have to worry about your safety.

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