7 Tablets That Are Cheaper Than An iPad

Here’s what customers rate the highest for just a fraction of the price—kids options included!

There’s no doubt that tablets come in handy. For parents, it’s their not-so secret weapon for keeping kids entertained everywhere from the grocery store to doctor waiting rooms. It’s also easier to bring on road trips and flights than a laptop. Or maybe you like to use a tablet before bed because you can’t bring yourself to use your computer one minute more than you need to.

Useful? Yes. Cheap? It depends on which one you’re eying. Apple iPads range in price from $329 to $799. But the truth is, there are many tablets on the market that are comparable and a lot less expensive. Before you decide to shell out over $300 for a tablet, consider one of the options rounded up here, all available at Walmart.

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Samsung Galaxy Tablet with 32 GBs of memory
Customer reviews five Samsung’s Galaxy Tablet four out of five stars—not too shabby considering it’s $200 cheaper (at least!) than an iPad. It’s slim enough to bring with you wherever you want to go and is perfect for streaming movies and shows, as well as playing games.
Gateway Android 8” tablet
With six hours of battery life, this tablet lasts long enough to stream two movies. (Unless you plan on watching "Titanic" on repeat.) It has all the other bells and whistles you expect from a tablet like a camera, built-in microphone and Bluetooth. The best part: It’s only $59.
Lenovo 8” smart tablet
Lenovo’s tablet has almost perfect customer ratings. You can use it to stream shows and movies, or you can connect a Bluetooth-enabled keyboard to it and get some work done. It comes pre-loaded with Duo in case you need to hop on some work calls, too. Customers also praise its long battery life and sound quality.
Contixo 7" kids tablet
You definitely don’t want to hand over your personal tablet to a kid who is bound to crack the screen in mere minutes. The good thing about this one from Contixo is that it can withstand a tantrum or two. It comes fully loaded with educational apps and offers parental control. Besides lime green, this tablet comes in purple, pink, red, blue and dark blue.
Onn. 8” kids tablet
The Onn. tablet is $30 more than the Contixo, but it has twice the memory storage. What they have in common is that they both come with fun, educational apps ready to play and can be used for simple Internet searching.
Core Innovations tablet and headphones
A tablet plus headphones for just $90 is a major deal. The tablet has 16GB of storage, which is pretty decent for storing music, videos, ebooks and apps. It also comes with a protective sleeve to keep it from getting scratched.
Sylvania 10” tablet/DVD player combo
If you still have a collection of DVDs at home, this is the tablet for you. It’s the only one on the list that has the capability for playing DVDs while also fully functioning as a tablet. Traveling will be a heck of a lot less boring with one of these stashed in your bag.

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