Tasteful Halloween Home Decor Under $45 That's Still Spooky

Fright this way: affordable Halloween decorations that'll look tasteful.

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This Halloween decor looks much more expensive than it is.
This Halloween decor looks much more expensive than it is.

Welcome to spooky season! It’s time to take out the witch’s brew and get all the guts out of a few pumpkins — Halloween is almost here.

Whether you’re someone who likes to go all out on a costume — maybe you’re dressing up as something especially appropriate for 2020 this year — or just like to watch horror movies all night every Oct. 31, Halloween always brings a few treats. And, hopefully, not too many tricks.

It’s been a pretty strange year so far, and Allhallows’ Eve will be no different. Some places have banned trick-or-treating, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has put out guidelines to help you celebrate safely.

With that said, you’re probably looking to get into the spooky spirit at home. (Us, too.) You might be searching for Halloween decor that’s tasteful and definitely not tacky so you can go all out — it’s not the year to glue fake bats around your home or and buy leafy wreaths that just fall apart.

We’ve found Halloween decorations that aren’t just affordable — lots of the options on the list below are actually under $30 — but are nice to look at, too. (You can also check out our roundups of home decor to give you Halloween vibes all year and matte black finds that might just send a chill down your spine.)

From a candleholder dripping in gold to a tweed pumpkin that’s more sophisticated than spooky, check out these Halloween decorations that won’t look tacky in your home:

A throw pillow that’s in a tangled web
And there’s a beaded spider that (fortunately) doesn’t bite. Find it for $20 at Target.
A wall hoop with the moon, sun and stars hanging out
The metallic beads make this wall hanging especially magical and mystical. Find it for $17 at T.J.Maxx.
An ice bucket with an "eerie edge"
Just be careful — you never know what's hiding in a forest. Find it for $20 at Target.
A doormat that's ready for a trap
World Market
So you don't actually bring cobwebs inside. Find it for $13 at World Market.
A set of tea towels that are a hoot
Obsessed with owls? This set features both a barn owl and a horned owl. Find the set for $15 at Target.

A pumpkin candle holder that you don't have to carve
ConcreteandCopperCo / Etsy
Getting all the guts out of the pumpkin can be hard. But now, you can get the look without having to take out your carving tools. Find it for $17 on Etsy.
A skull that's all about the matte black trend
We don't have a bone to pick at all with this skeleton. Plus, if you didn't know, matte black is very in right now. Find it for $8 at T.J.Maxx.
A trio of black cat that are watching you
GFTWoodcraft / Etsy
They've only got googly eyes for you. Find it for $35 on Etsy.
A tweed pumpkin that looks very professional
This one is less spooky, more sophisticated. Find it for $8 at Target.
A candleholder that's just dripping in gold
KinaCeramics / Etsy
These would even make the "Addams Family" jealous. Find it for $42 on Etsy.
A doormat that features a trio of cats
Pottery Barn
Well, this list just took a twist. Find it for $39 at Pottery Barn.
A witch for your window
Yes, the moon lights up. Find it for $20 at Amazon.
A dumpling light that you'll want to sink your teeth into
Urban Outfitters
It's a little light to help when things go bump in the night. Find it for $18 at Urban Outfitters.
A set of pumpkins that are all set for the harvest
You can leave these out around the house for the ghouls and ghosts to get. Find the set for $6 at Target.
A goblet fit for a goblin, ghoul or ghost
Pottery Barn
Just pour in red wine for a real bloody look. Find it for $30 at Pottery Barn.
A cloche that you can lift for toil and trouble
SomethinGoodCo / Etsy
The light can flicker for an even creepier feel. Find it for $30 on Etsy.
A spooky raven that's not for the craven
Pottery Barn
Somewhere, Edgar Allan Poe is quaking. Find it for $28 at Pottery Barn.
A garland that's haunted with bats and ghosts
NivasCollection / Etsy
Luckily, you won't have to worry about these ghosts and bats flying all over the place. Find it for $23 on Etsy.
A table runner that's slightly sinister
Be on the lookout for any actual spiders. Find it for $10 at Target.
A bowl that's has its toes out
KinaCeramics / Etsy
I can't put my finger on what I like so much about it. Find it for $43 on Etsy.
A bunting that's quite horrible
MaterialGods / Etsy
Watch out for Michael Myers and Carrie White. Find it for $14 on Etsy.
A coffin planter
SoothingSoulStudio / Etsy
It's to die for. Find it for $13 on Etsy.
A wreath with feathers instead of florals
It'll be frightful enough for a few trick-or-treaters. Find it for $28 at Amazon.
A door hanger that just might put a spell on you
Boo to you, too. Find it for $30 at Wayfair.
A mantle scarf that's a bit batty
Or lay it across a table when you're serving some apple cider. Find it for $13 at Amazon.