Throw Pillow Covers Are An Easy Way To Refresh Your Space For Less

Affordable throw pillow covers can make your existing pillows look new.

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The change of seasons always feels like a good excuse to redecorate, but new furniture isn’t exactly practical, sustainable or affordable. That’s why we’re turning to the wise words of interior designer and stylist Emily Henderson, who once told HuffPost about a great way to save money when designing: throw pillows.

“Accent pieces like trays, picture frames and throw pillows are great places to save,” she said in 2018. “There are a ton of affordable and stylish lamps and accessories out there these days, so I say splurge on the more architectural moments or an amazing piece of art.”

Still, swapping your throw pillows in and out seasonally can add up too, especially if you’re designing on a dime. That’s where we’ve been looking for an even more budget-friendly alternative to Henderson’s design philosophy, and it comes in the form of throw pillow covers.

Refresh your space for less with pillow and cushion covers.
Refresh your space for less with pillow and cushion covers.

Pillow covers eliminate the need to buy new pillows or keep bulky pillows stored away during the offseason. Slip them onto your existing cushions and swap them out as often as you’d like for a new look. Better still, there are cheap throw pillow covers, some for as low as $7.

We’ve rounded a few decorative pillows and cushion covers that you can shop for under $60. And, if you want more of our editor-sourced products and reviews, sign up for HuffPost’s sales and deals newsletter.

Below, affordable throw pillow covers:

SKÄGGÖRT Cushion Cover
This 20 x 20 square cushion cover has a playful golden pattern. Find it for $7 at IKEA.
Navy Diagonal Pillow Cover
This 12 x 12 rectangle pillow cover is hand-woven with wool and cotton in contrasting colors. Find it for $55.
Dhaka Embroidered Cotton Throw Pillow
Joss & Main
This 18 x 18 square pillow features colorful embroidering and pom-pom tassels. Find it for $33 at Joss & Main.
Tan Brown Faux Leather Pillow Cover
This 16 x 16 faux leather pillow cover has a textured pattern and suede background. Find it for $27 on Etsy.
SKOLD Cushion Cover
This fuzzy 20 x 20 square cushion cover has a sheepskin style. Find it for $30 at IKEA.
Terracotta Geometric Pillow Cover
This 18 x 18 square pillow cover has a hand-woven embroidered texture with contrasting terracotta and ivory color blocks. Find it for $59 at Burrow.
Barwick Cotton Pillow Cover
Joss & Main
This 18 x 18 square pillow has a botanical pattern to brighten any room. Find it for $20 at Joss & Main.
Baylie Velvet Pillow Cover
This 18 x 18 square velvet pillow comes in an assortment of jewel tones. Find it for $22 at Joss & Main.
Linen Pillow Case Cover
This stonewashed linen comes in a wide range of sizes and colors. Find it starting at $9 on Etsy.
FRANSINE Cushion Cover
This 20 x 20 square wool-blend cushion cover is jacquard-woven with an earth-tone pattern. Find it for $15.

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