Affordable Transitional Rugs That Offer Indoor-Outdoor Style

Durable synthetic rugs you can use to dress up any part of your house.
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A Moroccan-style argyle rug from Rugs USA that you can use indoors or outside.

Thanks to transitional rugs — also known as indoor-outdoor rugs — you can showcase your favorite patterns and fabrics all over your home, in both interior and exterior spaces. Use one of these hybrid floor coverings to spruce up a deck or patio or throw one down on your front entry way; heck, lay one down in your home office so you have something nice to lie on as you stare at the ceiling pretending you’re don’t have 12 (or 200) unanswered emails to dig through.

And say goodbye to those scratchy and thick outdoor rugs you’d never want to walk on barefoot. We searched high and low to find you a collection of soft, easy-to-clean, versatile options for prices that won’t break the bank. We’ve also included the materials and features of each; some are extra pet-friendly, along stain- and water-resistant.

While most of these stylish rugs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, we’ve listed each one with the price of its size option measuring around 5′ x 8′.

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A natural chevron-pattern rug
If you're looking for something neutral that still has a little pattern happening, look no further. With a patterned prism on a solid background, this area rug is intricate and low-key. It comes in three colors and shapes, each with their own sizes, and is made from a polypropylene, a polyester blend that's pet-friendly, easy to clean and not too rough on bare feet.
A stylish navy option
With a crisp geometric pattern at play, this area rug has a lot going on, but doesn't distract from the rest of your space. It's machine-made in India with a mix of polypropylene and polyester, and it's super pet friendly for your furry family. It comes in four colors and two shapes to work with any space.
An eye-catching style with floral medallions
Make your floor something to be proud about with this ornate floral rug. It features a mix of high and low pile and feels nice underfoot, but can stand up to the outdoor elements. It comes in 19 sizes, so you're guaranteed your perfect fit.
A black and white medallion rug
The perfect mix of funky and modern, this black and white patterned rug can seamlessly fit into any space. It comes in two sizes, and is made from an easy-clean synthetic material that isn't too scratchy on bare feet but still will last through the elements.
A fresh take on the traditional diamond print
This Moroccan-style diamond print comes in five colors and four shapes, all with their own sizes, and its made from durable synthetic fibers.
A super vibrant rug with blues and greens
Electrify your whole indoor or outdoor area in an instant with this bright rug. It has a mix of tufted and flat-weave construction that looks amazing but also feels great. It comes in seven sizes and is constructed from 100% polypropylene, so it's easy to clean.
A muted blue rug with a handmade look
Offering a little sophistication without feeling too stuffy, this stain-resistant Morrocan-inspired rug will blend into any indoor or outdoor space. It comes in nine shapes and sizes, featuring a mix of longer and shorter fibers to create something that's both nice to look at and feel underfoot.
A leafy rug for some extra greenery
If you've always wanted a garden but can't keep plants alive to save your life, we've got just the rug for you. This textile features tropical foliage and is made from easy-clean polyester. It comes in five shapes and variety of sizes to fit into all sorts of spaces.
A zig-zag rug with squares and triangles
Muddy feet and paws have met their match with this woven rug. It's made from a polypropylene fiber that stands up to soil, stains and even direct sunlight.
A muted Southwestern-style rug that some might mistake for vintage
Distressed but still eye-catching, this southwestern-inspired rug does it all. It has a super low pile so it's made for high-traffic areas and will stand up to sun and weather over time. It comes in this red tone and a blue tone in three shapes and is made from a woven polyester that's resistant to to mildew and aging.
A basic rug with an organic feel
Who said basic had to be boring? This neutral, sandy-toned rug will bring some instant warmth into any space. Its tight chevron pattern makes it super clean-looking, while the low pile ensures that it will stand up to heavy foot traffic. It comes in six sizes and shapes, is stain-resistant and can be vacuumed.
An angular option
If you love angular furniture and strong pops of color, this rug was made for you. It's a water-resistant flat weave, comes in three sizes and is 100% polyester so it's super easy to clean.
An almost-paisley pattern
Made from easy-clean thermoplastic yarns, this boho geometric rug is easy on bare feet but holds up to sun and weather. It comes in nine colors and seven sizes and is made for high-traffic areas of your indoor or outdoor space and can be vacuumed or hosed down.
A bolder Turkish-style rug
Give some instant warmth to any indoor or outdoor space with this bold Turkish-style rug. It comes in five shapes and a multitude of sizes. Its worn-in look makes it look comfortable and effortless in your home, but it is made to last and withstand tons of traction.

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