Afghanistan Plane Crash Video: Final Moments Of Doomed U.S. Cargo Plane Shown On Dash Camera (GRAPHIC)

Horrifying video has emerged purportedly showing the crash of a U.S. cargo plane in Afghanistan on Monday.

Scroll down for video - some readers may find this content disturbing.

The video, which appears to have been shot by a vehicle's dashboard camera, shows the National Airlines Boeing 747 taking off from the Bagram Airfield military base. According to NYC the aircraft’s nose pitches up heavily, the plane appears to stall and then it falls to the ground.

The crash killed all seven people on board. All were Americans.

National Airlines President Glen Joerger released a statement saying:

“This is a devastating loss for our family and we’ll work diligently with authorities to find the cause. Most importantly, our thoughts and prayers are with our crewmembers and their families.”

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the downing of the jet, but the claim was denied by NATO, who said there had been no reports of insurgent activity in or around the base.

Family members of National Airlines employees who believe a relative may be a victim of the crash were asked to call its family information hotline at (888) 705-7560.