The Most Influential African-American Politicians in the United States (BRACKET CLOSED)

It's time for the Republican National Convention and Democratic National Convention to take over our timelines. As these conventions are underway, we'll be examining the issues addressed at these conferences that effect our community the most.

We want your input! Help us decide once and for all: who is the most influential Black politician? (Besides the President) Does Herman Cain still have enough sway to beat out Emanuel Cleaver? Does Maxine Waters rule them all? It's time to decide. Vote and keep checking back. The first round ends at 12:00am on Wednesday, August 29th. If we missed anyone that you feel is influential, please tell us in the comments.

UPDATE: After many votes, comments and tweets, we've finally settled on who you believe to be the most influential Black politician is! What's even better is Maxine Waters herself got wind of your nomination and responded to us on Twitter. Here's what she said: