Afrikana previews annual film festival, launches new website

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Iconic activist, academic and author, Angela Y. Davis (right), participated in Afrikana Independent Film Festival’s 2nd Annual “Evening with an Icon” at Virginia Commonwealth University earlier this year. The 2nd Annual Afrikana Independent Film Festival will take place in Richmond, Virginia from September 14-17.

The Afrikana Independent Film Festival has unveiled its 2017 Afrikana Film Festival trailer and launched its new website, promoting the 2nd Annual Afrikana Independent Film Festival scheduled for this fall.

“Our platform is designed to celebrate the global black culture through the medium of independent film, created by and about black people,” Afrikana Film Fest’s founder, Enjoli Moon, told the Richmond Free Press.

Dedicated to showcasing the cinematic works of people of color, from around the world, Afrikana focuses on the global Black narrative.

“Afrikana is tapping into the collective potential of bringing cultural creativity and economic strength to our city,” said Moon, who is based in Richmond, Virginia.

Inspired by her zeal to create and curate platforms for filmmakers of color to share their stories with the world, Moon has developed the Afrikana Film Fest into one of the country’s most sought-after events of its kind.

Prior to the birth of the film fest, Moon created the Afrikana Noir Cinema Series, showcasing short independent films, before expanding Afrikana and its programming that now includes Starry Night Cinema, Movies and Mimosas, and Evening with an Icon, which has featured Sonya Sanchez and Angela Davis.

For details on how to support or attend the Afrikana Independent Film Festival, visit their new website.

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