Afro-Latina Poet Explains What She Thinks Is 'Tragic' About This Election

Elizabeth Acevedo isn't sold on either of her choices for President.

Afro-Latina poet Elizabeth Acevedo has many reservations about both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and she thinks that’s the conundrum many voters are in this election. 

The Dominican-American artist is one of nine Latinos recently featured in Univision Noticias’ “Diversity at the Polls” video series, which asked Republicans and Democrats in the community to weigh in on the election. In her video, Acevedo shared her views on both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. 

“As someone whose career is touring the country and doing poems, I’ve never felt as scared to perform in certain spaces as I have these couple of months that Trump’s politics feel tinged with violence,” Acevedo said in the video. “I think for a lot of people what Trump says is just theory and it’s not that for me, myself and my family are directly affected by what he would do.”

But the spoken word poet, who considers herself an Independent despite a history of voting Democrat, is also quick to explain her concerns about Hillary Clinton. 

“With Hillary I just can’t get over the whole ‘I’m your abuela,” my abuela had to feed 15 kids with one platano. I really question the privilege that sometimes Hillary doesn’t recognize.” 

Acevedo goes on to say there’s a need to fight to establish a third party. “Maybe that’s the most tragic thing about this election, that so many of us feel strongly anti-someone as opposed to pro-someone. That’s one of the hardest positions to be in when trying to determine the fate of your country.”

 Watch the full video above. 



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