After 11 Weeks of Disaster, Time for Freedom From Oil (PHOTOS)

Eleven weeks ago BP's Deepwater Horizon oil platform exploded into the Gulf of Mexico, killing 11 workers. Since the explosion thousands upon thousands of barrels of oil have spewed into this precious ecosystem, hundreds of wildlife have been affected, the fishing industry has been decimated, and an entire culture is being threatened.

Greenpeace scientists and volunteers have been in the Gulf since week one collecting data and exposing the largest environmental disaster of our time. Using our boats, planes and expertise we've helped reporters gain access to hard to reach areas and documented the disaster ourselves every step of the way. Here are some of our most powerful photos, along with those of others, to share with you what we've seen in the past 11 weeks. On Independence Day this weekend, let us remember that we have yet to achieve energy independence from dirty and harmful fossil fuels.

I visited Louisiana on May 20 to see the devastation first hand. Here I am knee deep in oil sludge from the Deepwater Horizon wellhead along the break water in Southpass where the Mississippi River meets the Gulf of Mexico. As we celebrate our country this weekend we must also celebrate an energy future that will not cause this kind of destruction to our planet and its people.

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