After Comey's Firing A Special Prosecutor Needs To Investigate Trump-Russia Ties

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Let the irony not be lost on you: Trump just fired a man who helped him become President. Furthermore the primary reason given for his dismissal is specifically the action that aided Trump’s election―the handling of Hillary Clinton’s email investigation.

Had James Comey not reopened the investigation regarding Hillary Clinton’s email server days before the election she may well have sneaked through to a victory. Regardless of the insistence of many that Clinton would have lost anyway, the Wikileaks dump of the DNC emails and Comey’s reopening of the investigation were crucial in getting Trump elected.

Not that the Democratic Party did not engage in engineering Hillary’s victory in the primaries in the most filthy manner imaginable.

But back to the dismissal of James Comey.

Let’s get this out of the way: this removal has disturbing similarities to Nixon’s firing of Archibald Cox who was the special prosecutor heading the investigation into the Watergate scandal. Cox wanted to subpoena Nixon’s tapes of Oval Office conversations about Watergate against the President’s wishes. James Comey, as FBI Director, was heading the investigation into reports of collusion between Russian officials and members of the Trump administration to influence the Presidential election.

All is speculation right now, the manner in which the media has reported and in which this administration has conducted itself has left no room for factual information. But here’s what’s not speculation:

  • Trump has fired an FBI Director who is heading an investigation that directly involves him.

  • He has fired Comey, ostensibly, at the recommendation of an Attorney General who had to recuse himself from the Russian investigation under pressure. The reason being that he had met with Russian officials during the election campaign.

  • Jeff Sessions, Michael Flynn and Jared Kushner are three men close to the Trump campaign and in his administration (although Flynn has since exited in disgrace) who are known to have met with the Russian Ambassador during the election campaign.

As far as I am concerned this is enough for any influence a member of the Trump administration has over the Russian investigation to be a crystal clear conflict of interest.

I don’t care what any expert has to say on this matter. This is NOT business as usual. In fact, as Baby Herman famously said in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”, the whole thing stinks like yesterday’s diapers.

It is time a Special Prosecutor was appointed to head the investigation into Trump-Russia ties. If we wish to retain any semblance of a functioning democracy, we should start demanding the truth and must fight lies and obfuscation.

This administration no longer has any moral license to appoint anyone to be a part of an investigation that potentially involves its members all the way to the Oval Office. We as a nation must demand that the inquiry into Trump-Russia ties be headed by a special prosecutor and the administration be allowed no influence in the process.