High School Volleyball Player Slays National Anthem After Recording Fails

She. Brought. It.

This San Antonio, Texas athlete really aced an impromptu performance. 

A video recently shared on Facebook shows an Oliver Wendell Holmes High School volleyball player, Marina Garcia, singing the national anthem after a recording of the song failed to play at a game last Friday. 

And boy did she slay

Check out the video above for the moment at the 0:34 mark when she hits that tenuous high note and just nails it. The audience, clearly in awe, sits in silence and then erupts with approval in the end. 

Garcia had noticed the CD wasn’t working and, after some encouragement from her mother, decided to pick up the microphone to give the song a shot, KENS5 reported. The 

“I enjoy the sport and playing it,” she said, according to the outlet. “[That moment] gave me a lot of hope that I can [become a singer].”

Marina, we are in full support of that dream!