After Sanford, Let's End Hypocrisy and Promote Equality

So Governor Sanford is another family values hypocrite. How many times did he deny privacy rights and marriage equality to others?

According to, as a Member of Congress, Mark Sanford voted repeatedly against abortion rights; against gay marriage, civil unions, and gay adoptions; and for posting the Ten Commandments. As Governor, he continued those positions.

Moreover, a draft Sanford for president website spells this out:

Mark Sanford is also much more than a fiscal conservative. He supports banning partial-birth abortions and also voted for a bill that would make it a federal crime to transport a minor across state lines for the purpose of getting an abortion. Mark Sanford is against gay marriage and defines marriage as one man and one woman. He is also against letting gay couple adopt children.

Of course we feel sympathy for his family -- clearly his wife and kids are the innocents in this sad saga. And we also feel sympathy for the tens of thousands of families affected by Sanford's anti-privacy, anti-choice, anti-gay policies.

This is a teachable moment: no LGBT couple, no gay marriage threatened Mark Sanford's marriage, even though he threatened theirs. How many more Sanfords until the GOP decides to drop the hopelessly hypocritical opposition to privacy rights and marriage equality?

Enough is enough. Let's end hypocrisy and promote equality.