After The Endorsement: A Message To Disillusioned Bernie Sanders Supporters

Losing unity and losing vision. Ultimately, losing significance.
Clinton and Sanders at the joint rally in New Hampshire on Tuesday
Clinton and Sanders at the joint rally in New Hampshire on Tuesday

Let’s dispense with the formalities. We are all hurting today, hurting bad. We have all been equally passionate about the Sanders campaign and for most of us this is the first time we had felt any real hope or enthusiasm about American politics. We knew that Bernie Sanders was the only Presidential candidate untainted by the bribery known as corporate campaign contributions. Out of the serious contenders for Presidency, Bernie was the only one who shared our passion for the environment. The only one who shared our angst at the deepening racial and religious rifts in the country and the corrupt politicians who create and exploit these schisms. 

Yes, what happened today is one hell of a tough pill to swallow. 

But we can only wallow in our dejection so long. The future of the nation is at stake. Let me repeat what I wrote in this article back in April when it first became apparent to me that the media establishment and Wall Street had succeeded in swaying the election in favor of their chosen candidate:

“So, if one accepts that Hillary is the most likely Democratic nominee for president does that mean we pack it up and go home?

No. We signed up for a political revolution, not just this campaign.

Does it mean we stop posting, blogging, phone banking, knocking on doors and getting out the vote?


But it does mean that we start thinking ahead and, especially, start thinking about preserving and nurturing this movement.”

And that is the essence of this moment. Are we going to prove no different from the supporters of Howard Dean in 2004 and Ron Paul in 2012 who abandoned ship after losing? Will we fail to stay mobilized and united, fail to make any further impact on the political landscape? 

Because there is a very real risk of this happening. All over social media forums I see people bickering, dissenting, refusing to concede any ground. Some have already switched their loyalties over to the Green Party or the Libertarian Party. Some state they will stay with the Democrat Party and vote for Clinton. Some would vote for Trump merely to keep Hillary from winning.

Let me tell you what such a fractured, petulant display would amount to: zero. Zilch. Nought. Nada. For good measure, diddly-squat. 

The only way we will make any difference in this election and continue the revolution we signed up for is by staying united. If we can maintain a united front in which direction we take, regardless of what it is, we have a chance of nudging the nation in the progressive direction we want it to go and remind the nation and the establishment that we, the Democratic Socialists, the leftists, the environmentalists are a force to be reckoned with-and that we are not going anywhere. 

For now, let’s just stay engaged. Keep open minds. Let’s look at all the options including the Green Party, the Libertarians and even a boycott of the elections. Because even a large, unified protest boycott would make a bolder statement than the impotent discord we are headed towards. The Indignados who pioneered the resurgence of global left-wing politics went to the polls and destroyed their ballot cards in the 2011 Spanish elections, a powerful rejection of an electoral system that they believed was rigged by the elitist and corrupt political establishment. They protested and marched for four years before they tested electoral triumph. 

Everyone has a right to vote for whoever they decide is the best candidate. I am not asking people to give up that right. But I do want people to step back and see that they are doing exactly what the establishment would want. Losing unity and losing vision. Ultimately, losing significance.

Don’t jump the gun comrades. There are more than a 100 days till the Presidential elections. Let’s use them wisely, together. 

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