Short Film 'After Trayvon' Explores What It Means To Be A Black Man In America (VIDEO)

Two years ago today, an unarmed, black teen named Trayvon Martin was shot and killed by a neighborhood watch volunteer named George Zimmerman.

In July 2013, the whole country watched as a Florida jury found Zimmerman not guilty of murder.

As critics of the verdict held protests and vigils, memorials and tributes, a group of young black men gathered in Brooklyn's Ft. Greene Park, sat on picnic tables, and talked about what it means to be a black man in America. The men discussed the experiences of being harassed and stop and frisked by police, mistreated by the justice system, misrepresented in the media and afraid of gun violence.

"After Trayvon," directed by Alex Mallis of the Brooklyn Filmmaker's Collective, captures this conversation. It's a conversation that the entire nation was having that day, and one that continues today.