Trump Pretends To Understand Chinese... Again

For all he knows, foreign leaders could be insulting him.

President Trump still doesn’t understand how to hold meetings with foreign leaders that do not speak English. Back in February, Trump was seen listening to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe speak Japanese and nodding his head as Abe spoke.

Trump did the same thing when German Chancellor Angela Merkel came to the White House. At one point, Merkel said a few words in German while the president sat and listened, but didn’t think to put in his earpiece with a translation right away.

After forgetting to use the earpiece in these meetings, Trump managed to do it again at Mar-A-Lago with President Xi Jinping of China. As the Chinese president speaks, Trump is seen nodding along without evidence of an earpiece.

For all he knows, foreign leaders could be insulting him and he wouldn’t even realize. This is the Trump cabinet’s business as usual, being completely unprofessional in plain sight.