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Agapi's Aphrodite Poem

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So tell me about your beauty, your irresistible attraction.

All women are born beautiful.
Knowing that, however, is their choice!
All women are born deserving love.
Choosing that is up to them.
I have no bonds or boundaries;
I love whom I choose and when I want.
I'm free in my love; I am in bliss.
In my senses I rejoice.
You do not choose me-
you're afraid of my freedom-
you judge me.
You pollute me with your thoughts, your shame and your guilt.
I'm moved to ecstasy when I love;
when I mate I become one.
I know how.
Everything that breathes and is alive comes under my domain:
doves, dolphins, swans,
roses, irises, lilies.
All pleasures and sensuous delights.
perfumes and oils,
lustrous fabrics, foods and drinks.
Music thrills my soul:
the lyre, the harp, the soft sounds make love to me.
The waves of the sea-
oh, yes, there you'll see me
in the ocean,
in the sunsets,
all the exquisite beauty between birth and death,
when day meets the night.
Why do you fear death?
I die every time I mate. I am in ecstasy.
I give myself over and over and over again
to the glory that is love in the moment.
I have no fear of losing myself.
Oh, there is the secret:
to give oneself and keep oneself intact.
That is my bliss, my mortal, divine bliss.
I know who I am.
I smile. Can you see
My secret smile?
To whom do I belong?
I belong to me.