Age Prediction Gizmo Plays Mosquito Buzz To Determine Your Date's Age (PHOTOS)

Following in the footsteps of a gadget that promises to help women understand men, the geeks in Japan have introduced yet another high-tech way to help you date.

Thanks to the 'Age Prediction Machine' (a loose translation), you never have to worry whether your blind date is too old, or too young.

The pocket-sized gadget emits a high-frequency sound, similar to a mosquito's buzzing, to help you determine your date's age.


Designed to be used on blind dates to determine their age, the Age Prediction Machine plays a buzzing mosquito sound, which will tell the user whether they're actually a teenager, in their early 20s, 30s or--heaven forbid!--over 40, depending on how well they can hear it. If they start slapping imaginary mosquitoes away on the 40-year old setting (which should be the loudest), then you know you've been set up with a goose of a blind date.

The 'Age Prediction Machine' comes in pink or black (his and hers, perhaps?) and sells for around $10. See photos of the device below.

There's no word on how the gizmo actually is. Have you tried it? Would you?