The Ageless Appeal of Young Adult Literature

Here at Grammarly HQ, we may be word nerds, but we're not book snobs. Maybe it has something to do with fond memories of Scholastic Book Fairs and earning free personal pan pizzas with BookIt!, but we've never lost our love for young adult literature. Turns out, we're not alone.

According to a 2012 study conducted by Bowker (the company that issues ISBNs), 55 percent of books marketed to teens are purchased by adults--and the majority of those adults were buying for themselves, not their imaginary niece who is totally into The Hunger Games right now. (Not that I've ever used that excuse at the Barnes & Noble checkout line.)

Why do so many adults read books for teens? While Ruth Graham over at Slate may not get it -- in fact, she thinks we should be ashamed of ourselves -- many critics, writers, publishers, and librarians understand the immense crossover appeal of young adult books. Beyond mere escapism, these books are often cracking good reads.

While you've no doubt heard of (and, statistically speaking, probably read) Harry Potter and Twilight, here are 15 more contemporary YA authors to check out:

15 Young Adult Books That Never Age

In honor of Young Readers Day on November 14th out a YA novel for yourself -- and while you're at it, grab a second one to donate to a worthwhile cause. Are you a secret (or not-so-secret) YA fan? Share your favorite book in the comments!