Agent of Change Marie-Louise der Kinderen On 'Effective Co-Creating For You'

It’s 2018 and the year ahead is full of possibility. If there ever was a time to create the reality you so deeply desire and to fulfill your dreams, the time is now.

But how, you ask? You’ve listened to or watched plenty of self-help videos, and something still didn’t jive? Don’t fret. Sometimes if we’re feeling stuck, we may just need to shift our perspective, which is why somebody like Marie-Louise der Kinderen is a breath of fresh air.

The latest in my spotlight on Agents of Change, der Kinderen has a compassionate and empathetic nature. Through her work, she reminds us that “we create our own circumstances;” that, in fact, it is scientifically proven we actually send out a frequency or vibration, which is then mirrored back to us in our daily life—by the Universe. In other words, she adds: “How we deal with our thoughts, feelings and actions, determine the circumstances that we encounter in life.”

And this is what is called co-creating.

It is the theme of the Holland native’s new, four-week online course, “Keeping Up The Vibe: Effective Co-Creating For You,” which begins Jan. 8. The subject matter remains close to her heart. In fact, as founder of Equido Creations, for more than a decade, der Kinderen’s work as a psychologist, communication trainer, and coach with horses, would become the impetus for her current course. Her hope is to assist individuals with tuning their energy toward an optimal frequency.

Out: Old and rigid patterns.

In: Influencing one’s daily vibration to attract circumstances that one desires.

At a time when so much of the world seems to be truly recalibrating on so many levels, der Kinderen’s work is vital and integral to the overall positive shifts attempting to take place. Watch and listen the video above for the full lowdown, and learn more about der Kinderen’s work, and how you can experience it here. (Receive a free minicourse on co-creating with horses here.)

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