7 Signs That Your Hair Is Getting Older (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Gray hairs and thinning locks are two of the most tell-tale signs that your hair is getting older. However, there are at least five other indicators that we often ignore or simply associate with bad haircare habits.

In the video above, NewBeauty editor Anna Jimenez breaks down the seven most common signs of aging hair. The main issue? As you age, your scalp produces less natural oils which are essential to maintaining moisture. This leads to....

Dry hair

dry hair


split ends

Split ends

split ends


frizzy hair

These four warning signs are heightened when strands begin to shrink and produce less pigment, resulting in...

Dull hair color

dull hair color


gray hair


thin hair

Watch the video above to find out more about how the health of your scalp changes as you age, as well as product recommendations to achieve youthful-looking locks.

Want healthier hair? Try changing your diet:


Foods For Hair Health

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