Everything You Need To Know About Aging, Sex And Relationships

Expert-backed advice for navigating your connections as you get older.
Good news, no matter how old you are.
"I think it bothers others that I’m single more than it bothers me."
Between 2008 and 2016, the divorce rate in America dropped by 18 percent.
“They’re not looking for their mother’s marriage."
Leaving is sometimes the best, healthiest choice.
Does it always involve a power imbalance? Some say yes, others say not at all.
"Be open to different types of sex and not being a sexual perfectionist. Get out of your head and become more embodied," one sex therapist suggests.
Want sex, but also want sleep. Decisions, decisions...
"Don't rush into the arms of the first person who shows interest."
In my mid-30s after a divorce, I had to figure out what was next for me.
Can the bride wear white? Is it silly to have a registry?
You can't enjoy yourself if you throw out your back or if that old knee injury flares up.