6 Signs You're Aging Well

Aging gets a bad rap. But here at Huff/Post 50, we think it can be just as good, if not better, than youth. Why wouldn't it be? You might have less hair, but you've got more wisdom and confidence. You might have more wrinkles, but you also don't have teenage acne. Your kids might have moved out but, let us remind you, with fewer responsibilities comes greater freedom.

Here are some signs that you're embracing aging like a total badass:

1. Your life doesn't revolve around your kids.

Yes, it's OK to hit ignore when they call you sometimes... after all, isn't that what they do to you? It's OK to tell Johnny he can't move back into the basement to work on his career as a rockstar-slash-entrepreneur-slash-chef.

2. Your pants have a zipper.
pants zipper

Congratulations! You've avoided the ultimate fashion demise: elastic waistbands. Bonus points if you also wear flat-front pants.

3. You left your Nokia phone in the 1990s... where it belongs.
cell phone antenna

Nothing screams behind the times like having a clunky cell phone with actual buttons. Yes, we know, change can be hard. But if they haven't already, it's likely that most cell phone companies will start to phase out non-smartphones at some point. Embrace change now, friends, and you will thank yourself later.

4. You don't balance your checkbook.
cashier line

Online banking is pretty amazing. No more rushing to the bank at lunchtime to deposit your paycheck. (Why do most banks close at 5, anyway?) No more holding up the line at the grocery store, as you handwrite a check for the $6.32 you owe for some milk and eggs, as the rest of the line groans and rolls their eyes behind you. You can check your balance, deposit your checks, and even send money at your fingertips with many mobile banking apps nowadays.

5. You still go to concerts.
paul mccartney

Nothing will ever compare to Woodstock, but if Jagger, McCartney, and Bowie are still rocking out, why shouldn't you?

6. Nobody believes you're a grandparent.
goldie hawn kate hudson

It's pretty great when someone mistakes you for being siblings with your own son or daughter, but this is even better. Tell us your secret.



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