Ageless Beauty

We know at least intellectually that anti-ageing, both conceptually and practically is nonsensical. It's the 'anti' without the 'pro'. There is only one way to stop the clock ticking and that is to, well, stop the clock. Where there is life there is aging, which is why so many surgeons whose hands are too heavy seem to have reached beyond the eyelids and taken some of the soul out of their patients revealing perfectly smooth versions of old selves.

It is also perhaps an uneasy truth that a little less life can translate into a little less ageing and perhaps too, a little less satisfaction. But the high school reunion, a first date, an interview and the yummier than ever mummies at the school gate punctuated by thousands of thirty second celluloid messages remind us that youth is currency and as its value ascends to stratospheric values, so, too, does our desire to get our piece of its eternal essence.

Once upon a time I thought I could get to thirty and relax -- a little. Now fifty-year-old superstars are the new super models and I keep a dress in my closet I bought at nineteen that serves as both carrot and stick. But mostly I want to look like my best possible self. Ok, I also want to look ten years younger than my biological age and stay within ten pounds of my nineteen-year old body weight (it was more early 90's Amazon than late 90's waif).

We are all spinning our bodies and our heads in pursuit of youth -- but how fast is too fast and when do we stop? We all have different emotional and financial budgets and like any other projections, we have to know our bottom line and have clear objectives.

I think so many of us really want the feel of youth -- its energy, its vitality and transparency. Remember staring in the mirror the morning after one of those nights before when dark circles, even early fine lines would fade to the glorious glow of possibility and anticipation? That is youth; it is equal parts collagen production and state of mind. It is also about expectation -- middle age is something that surely must be imagined before it can be lived. We all know how different 45 can look, DNA not withstanding, certain environments, professions and frankly whole cities simply won't tolerate it -- which is of course both pain and pleasure, cause and effect. Let's take the pressure, call it inspiration and forget about the rest. And that is not to say that life's lessons won't ever be etched out under the eyes or between the brows, just that we can carry the glow -- and therefore the youth with us whether or not we choose to embrace or erase.

I write and talk about what works for the A-list and busy working mothers. I try and test in the name and for the sake of beauty. I know that super skin treatments and super foods really can make a difference; that surgical options are viable options for many. I believe in bio-individuality and know that what's good -- really good for the spirit rarely does much damage to the body. Just consider the 'French Paradox' and the Swiss Secret but here is what I know works for us all: aging is basically and of course simplistically inflammation, decrease it by reducing sugar in your diet and further still by adding Omega 3 -- it really is golden! Eat whole, unprocessed food with some consideration for both your environment and your heritage - if your grandparents never ate cheese they might be trying to tell you something. Exfoliate, cleanse and hydrate your skin and protect it from the sun with a natural SPF. Move a little a lot and move a lot a little. Never wear anything that does not make you smile. Believe in something, anything greater than yourself. Sleep -- and when you wake up, smell the roses.

Another year is another opportunity to step, skip or dance toward a better version of yourself and those little marks of humanity -- that's humility. I call it Ageless Beauty and that is worth fighting for.