Age: Truth in Numbers

So is this where cougars, short term marriages, early mid-llfe crises and, most of all, an illusion that the years are something to be ashamed of come into play?
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I have been in the beauty industry for as long as I can remember. As is true in many professions, one gets better with age on every level. The funny thing is that these days, it's just really difficult to tell how old anyone is anymore. I lost my I.D., and I swear (I'm not bragging) that I could not buy a bottle of wine. As I checked out, Kathy, the very diligent checker at the supermarket, refused to take my Barneys card as proof that I was way past 21.

As I drank my roasted dandelion tea that evening, I started to question the very interesting fact that aging in our society has not only become difficult from a purely social standpoint, but it has also become entirely impossible to visually gauge the number anymore. So what does this mean? Are we becoming ageless? As you may know, I spend a lot of time reviewing beauty products in my world of natural and eco friendly lifestyle. The expectation for remarkable anti-aging remedies certainly does not stop here. In fact, the formulations hatched and cracked open are constantly met with my sentiment, "I'm blown away!" "Excited" and "eternally grateful" are words that come to mind as I slather on my new "probiotoic" serum of youth; but what else is going on here? An obsession to stay young and wrinkle-free forever?

I have to ask myself, "Where does the fountain of youth lie inside me?" I feel very fortunate (genetically speaking). I do not have a grey hair (yet) and I diligently use my perfectly blended progesterone, do my hot yoga and watch what I eat. I meticulously cover every inch of my body in amazing anti-aging products. I feel as if I have somewhat altered the aging clock. So is this where cougars, short term marriages, early mid-llfe crises and, most of all, an illusion that the years are something to be ashamed of come into play? The answers are to me worth evaluating, as I want to scream from the hilltop, "I am ___ years old!" but I just can't seem to utter the numbers. Yes, I am affected! So as I continue on my journey to find a comfort with myself in an ageless society, I have come to believe that I can embrace both worlds. I'm really going to try! Here's what I am doing:
  • When I first meet someone, I make a point to look at their eyes, not their wrinkles.
  • I make a point to connect with nature everyday even if it is as simple as noticing the beauty around me.
  • I try not to look in the mirror so much; instead, when I have that insatiable urge, especially when I'm driving, I catch myself and try to look within.
Finally and most importantly, because technology and formulations keep getting better, and plastic surgery is now becoming available to the masses, having a relationship with age has to come from a totally different perspective. Being comfortable with the "number" has to come from a place of total acceptance of having a healthy connection to our inner
outer selves and actually makes for much better dinner conversation!

Funny enough, I was actually pissed off when Kathy wouldn't sell me that bottle of wine! I wasn't gushing, "Oh my God, I was carded!" but maybe that's because I had no I.D. to show her, so I was leaving wine-less. So in that moment, my glass of red superseded my need for any compliments to my perhaps underage and youthful appearance! It's all still up in the air, but I am aware, and that is always what inspires me to take contrary action.