Agnes 'Granny' Zhelesnik, America's Oldest Working Teacher, Turns 100 Years Old, Charms Our Socks Off

'Granny,' America's Oldest Working Teacher, Charms Our Socks Off On Her 100th Birthday

"See my two legs?" Agnes Zhelesnik, America's oldest working teacher, asks in the video above. "They still move."

The home economics teacher, better known as "Granny," celebrated her 100th birthday on Sunday, CBS News reported. But her age hasn't slowed her down.

Granny's been a beloved face at the Sundance School in North Plainfield, N.J., since she began teaching there part time in 1995, according to CNN. She was the ripe age of 81 at the time.

Granny was a stay-at-home mother for 60 years before she began teaching, CNN reported. She has kids, grandkids, great-grandkids and, of course, her students, who she's been teaching to cook and knit for almost 20 years.

"The children make my day," she told the Star Ledger. "It’s a great life watching them grow up."

Her "kids" -- and their parents -- are certainly grateful for Granny's devotion.

"It’s like she’s [my son's] granny, not just a teacher at the school," Sundance parent Marina Gvatwick told the Ledger. "She teaches about real life, and it’s symbolic that she has such a healthy and long and full life."

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