Agritourism Destinations: The Best Farm-Oriented Vacations

Agritourism is one of the fastest growing sectors in the eco-tourism industry. There is nothing new about this form of travel, which involves staying on a farm or other agriculture-oriented property and perhaps even sampling the day-to-day lifestyle of the people who tend the crops or livestock there. Tourists have been staying at Italian vineyards and Rocky Mountain ranches for decades. The idea of relaxing in a beautiful setting (like the Tuscan farmhouse shown here) or sampling the adventurous Old West lifestyle is certainly still part of the attraction of agritourism. On some farms that welcome tourists, however, the goal is less about providing a unique vacation and more about fostering a deeper understanding of the farming process through education and hands-on experience.

Want to see what the agritourism buzz is all about? Try one of these amazing destinations on your next vacation.


Agritourism Destinations

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