Ahmad Bradshaw Touchdown: Giants RB Tried Not To Score Late In Super Bowl (VIDEO)

Just about every young boy at one time or another dreams of scoring the winning touchdown in the Super Bowl. For New York Giants running back Ahmad Bradshaw, this dream accidentally became a reality on Sunday.

With slightly more than a minute remaining in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl and the Giants trailing the Patriots, 15-17, Bradshaw took a handoff from Eli Manning and had a clear path to the end zone. But that was by the Patriots' design as they aimed to concede a score so that they could get the ball back with some time left on the clock. Bradshaw apparently didn't become aware of New England's plan until a split second before he reached the goal line. In what is likely the most awkward winning touchdown in Super Bowl history, Bradshaw actually attempted not to score so that the Giants could keep the ball away from the Pats' potent offense. If he'd been able to stop his momentum then the Giants could have run down the clock and then attempted a game-winning field goal. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately in retrospect?), Bradshaw's momentum carried him over the goal line, giving the Giants the lead.

The Patriots' final drive would prove unsuccessful however, securing the Giants' second Super Bowl victory in four years, and earning Bradshaw bragging rights for having scored one of the most important touchdowns in franchise history.. even if it was an accident.