Ahmadinejad: Osama Bin Laden Is In D.C. (VIDEO)

Ahmadinejad: Osama Bin Laden Is In D.C. (VIDEO)

In terms of theories of where Osama Bin Laden might be hiding, points for novelty should be given to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who proposed the unconventional notion Wednesday that the Al Qaeda leader was actually camping out in Washington D.C..

During a somewhat testy interview with ABC's George Stephanopoulos, which also covered the more exigent issues of Iran's nuclear ambitions and the fate of the three American hikers currently being detained there, the Iranian leader was subject to a 2-minute interrogation as to whether Bin Laden was living in Tehran, and if so, how his presence would be received there.

Here's Stephanopoulos' opening salvo, which pretty much set the tone and pattern for what followed:

STEPHANOPOULOS: One final question. There's a new documentary out that says that Osama Bin Laden is living in Tehran. And the subject of the documentary, a man named Alan Parrot, one of the world's foremost falconers living in Iran, says he's spoken to Osama bin Laden several times since 2003. Is Osama bin Laden in Tehran?

AHMADINEJAD: Your question is laughable.


AHMADINEJAD: The U.S. government has invaded Afghanistan in order to arrest Bin Laden. They probably know where Bin Laden is. If they don't know he is, why did they invade? Could we know the intelligence?

And now for the highlight:

AHMADINEJAD: I heard that Osama bin Laden is in the Washington, D.C.

STEPHANOPOULOS: No, you didn't.

AHMADINEJAD: Yes, I did. He's there. Because he was a previous partner of Mr. Bush. They were colleagues in fact in the old days. You know that. They were in the oil business together. They worked together.

You might have assumed that Stephanopoulos would have abandoned all hope of a direct answer at this point, but he proved undeterred by Ahmadinejad's dodging and weaving: "I'll ask one more time and then I'll let you go. If you knew that Osama bin Laden was in Tehran, which you say you don't. If you knew, would you expel him?"

You can read the full transcript courtesy of ABC here.

WATCH (Bin Laden stuff starts around the 4:40 mark.)

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