Ahmed Got His Clock Back!

Aaaaaand he's moving to Qatar.

More than a month after Ahmed Mohamed was arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school, the boy wonder has finally gotten his science project back from police.

The Texas teen announced the glorious reunion on Twitter Friday afternoon:

The Irving Police Department confiscated the device -- which was still labeled a "hoax bomb" when it was released back to Mohamed -- on Sept. 14 and arrested the teen after a teacher thought his science project was a fake explosive device.

Since his arrest, Mohamed has gone on a world tour that included a visit with MIT recruiters, President Barack Obama and colleges in Qatar -- and revealed he'll be moving to that country as early as next week.

He's heading to Doha, which is home to Education City, a gigantic conglomerate of universities, many of which are satellite campuses of U.S. colleges.