Mom Photoshops Herself Back Into Family Pictures In Hilarious Photo Series

In anticipation of Mother's Day, comedian mom Ahna Tessler embarked on a creative project that she thought would be the perfect gift for herself. Tessler used Photoshop to put herself back in the family pictures that showed her husband and twin children without their mom.

"I was sick of not seeing myself in our family photos and sick of all those selfies I was forced to take of my kids and me," the mom told The Huffington Post, adding, "I was sick of asking my husband to take pictures of me with my kids because unfortunately, he wasn't born with the I'm-gonna-take-pictures-of-my-wife-with-our-kids gene. He's a phenomenal husband and father, he just sucks at this stuff."

Looking through the many photos she'd taken of her husband and kids one day, she was struck with inspiration. "I noticed that there were huge empty spaces that were just screaming for me to be in them. So, I figured out Photoshop ... poorly... and bam! There I was! There was finally proof that I was part of this family, by God!"

mom in picture

Tessler calls her hilarious Photoshop series "... And Mama Too" and hopes it will comfort and inspire other moms who feel left out of their family photos. "I just want other mamas to laugh and say, 'me too! me too! me too!!!!' and of course it would be great if their partners said, 'hmmm... maybe I should pick up that camera and point it towards that woman who bore and gave birth to my kid(s). I bet that would make her feel good and loved and recognized.'"

Though the mom says parenting is "the hardest thing" she's ever done in her life, she has no regrets. "I haven't slept more than 3 hours a night in four years. We've gone on about 5 dates since we've had kids. I take about 12 showers a month. I never see my friends. I don't perform anymore. I speak like a 3-year-old and forget what it's like to speak 'adult.' But man oh man, am I happy I did it!"

"I'm in love my damn kids so much it makes me cry at least once a day. I'm head over heels in love with us. I sincerely cannot be more in love with my family."

And, as her funny Photoshopped pictures show, that love transcends the camera lens.

Ahna Tessler
Ahna Tessler
Ahna Tessler
Ahna Tessler
Ahna Tessler
Ahna Tessler
Ahna Tessler
Ahna Tessler
Ahna Tessler

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