Ahol Sniffs Glue Is the Best Artist in Miami

Ahol Sniffs Glue (David Anasagasti) is the best artist in Miami not merely because his work is engaging, raw and represents a bridge between high brow fine art and low brow street art -- he's the best artist in Miami because he represents Miami to the fullest. Ahol's just this cool dude. And he's street. And he's been street for a really long time. You'll see the street in the glistening of that grill he rocks on his teeth. You'll see Ahol literally in the street chilling outside a club representing Miami's {{BASS}} crew.

He's homegrown Hialeah talent from the wrong side of the tracks and he still gets it.

He's 305-till-he-dies, not 305-till-he-moves-to-LA-or-NY.

You won't see Ahol driving around a car plastered with his work on it. You won't see Ahol painting big, shiny corporate ships or opening up a store on Lincoln Road or waiting in line for some philanthropic hand-out. You will, however, see Ahol's work all over the city. You will, however, see Ahol's work in the gift shop of the Perez Art Museum. The thing with David is that he's just old-school nice. He's not pretentious or unapproachable, even though he might appear so, he's not. Ask him a question, he'll answer directly. Send him an e-mail, he'll respond. There are a lot of talented street artists in Miami, but David stands out because of his humbleness, selflessness and true Miami roots. I remember when the dude got hit by a car a few years back and was banged up like real bad. Even then, he had this f**k it attitude, it's all-good, don't worry about me, I'm here and fine. His budding success and pending fortune is awesome, although granted, Ahol is probably getting a little bit lucky with that American Eagle lawsuit; but still, it's fine. Good people should succeed and prosper, especially if they don't come from money or privilege or an Ivy League education, especially when they're not recipients of nepotism or constant philanthropy.

Ahol's all right and he represents.

And you have to give respect when respect is due...

So watch out Miami, cuz this dude's got his eyes on you...