Here's How 'American Horror Story: Hotel' Is Connected To Season 1

And how Evan Peters' character is oddly connected to Leonardo DiCaprio.

Entertainment Weekly just debuted their "American Horror Story" cover featuring Lady Gaga's Countess. Along with new details about Gaga's bloodthirsty hotel owner (not exactly a vampire), the issue also features new character photos and reveals how Season 5 will connect to Season 1 of the series.

Ryan Murphy revealed last year that all the "AHS" seasons were connected, and now we know Season 5 will visit the Murder House from Season 1. "We do go to the Murder House for one episode," the co-creator told EW. Christine Estabrook, who played realtor Marcy in the first season, will also reprise her character this year. A new photo from EW reveals Marcy showing off Hotel Cortez to Cheyenne Jackson's fashion designer Will Drake and his son.

We also know that the season will jump between the present day, during which The Countess acquires Hotel Cortez, and the 1930s, when Evan Peters' Mr. James March built it. Mr. March is a rich and charming psychopath who builds the hotel in order to hide his murderous activities within secret rooms and shafts. Hmm, that sounds familiar ...

Fans know that Murphy's "AHS" characters and storylines are somewhat based on real-life people and events. (Here's our theory on what incident could have influenced "Hotel.") But for Mr. March, we think he may be inspired by not one, but two real-life figures. First is likely Dr. Henry Howard Holmes, known infamously as H.H. Holmes, who is believed to be America's first documented serial killer. In 1893 near the Chicago World's Fair, Holmes built a three-story hotel equipped with horrific torture rooms, which then became nicknamed the "Murder Hotel" -- if that doesn't scream Murphy, nothing does. And as fans know, psychopathic murderers are a staple in the "AHS" universe. Earlier this year, we connected all of the crazy killers from the series (as well as 10 other connections between the seasons.)

But based on the 1930s period, it doesn't seem like Peters' character is just inspired by Holmes. He also has a twist of Howard Hughes. The billionaire and business tycoon also had his hand in hotel real estate in real life. Peters' interview with the Television Academy last month confirmed Mr. March's Hughes connection, and from the looks of EW's new photo of the character, Mr. March looks a bit like Hughes.

The weirdest coincidence about all of this, though? Leonardo DiCaprio played Howard Hughes for Martin Scorsese in 2004's "The Aviator" and will portray Holmes for the director in their upcoming film, "The Devil in the White City." Hey Murphy, we found your Season 6 star. (If Leo can't get an Oscar, maybe he can try for an Emmy?)

For new photos and the "AHS" cover story, head to EW.com. The issue hits newsstands on Friday.

"American Horror Story: Hotel" premieres on Oct. 7 on FX.

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