New 'American Horror Story: Freak Show' Teaser Features Three-Legged Woman

The freaks are out, thanks to "American Horror Story: Freak Show."

Entertainment Weekly has revealed the third teaser for the upcoming Season 4 of Ryan Murphy's horror anthology and it introduces us to a freak inside the circus tent: the three-legged woman. This isn't just any lady with an extra leg though, she's also an acrobat.

Extra body parts is something "AHS" fans better get used to, since Sarah Paulson's Season 4 character will be Bette and Dot, a woman who two heads. Paulson recently told EW that filming her character has been the hardest thing she's ever done, "without a doubt." The other teasers for "AHS: Freak Show" include a man with a split-tongue and a creepy non-human-looking hand.

We also know that the world's smallest woman will appear on the show, there will be a scary clown and Matt Bomer will show up for an episode. Now you officially have zero reasons to not to be excited for "Freak Show."

[via EW]



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