AI can't write for you, but it can help you write faster

AI can't write for you, but it can help you write faster
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Professional writing is hard, whether you're a blogger, journalist, editor or a freelance writer, you have to spend most of your time with reading what others have said just to stay on top of the industry and provide your audience with the most relevant content, and at the same time write on time, compelling and unique content.

The AP and Yahoo uses software to generate stock related news content, Washington Post covered every major news on Election Day with the help of artificial intelligence. But despite the recent boom in AI and machine learning, you should relax, because artificial intelligence is still at least 10 years away from taking your writing job. But as individuals with limited resources, it doesn't mean we can't use it for our own interest as those big publishers do every day, and get rid of the most time consuming and boring parts of writing.

Now, think about the lost time that you could have spent on a productive writing session, instead of browsing through a bunch of articles to see other people's point of views on a topic. If you're one of those who creates content for a living like me, you may relate to the problem of wandering around the web 80% of the time to come up with new angles.

This is where an exciting new AI platform called Word Assistant from Seotify comes in. Before going into further details, I should probably let you know, that I'm writing this content on Word Assistant and seeing every bit of information related to my topic in an organized way, and I do not even have to switch to another tab or page and get distracted with other stuff.

The company defines it self as the ultimate content marketing platform that analyses the web and tells you exactly what you should write about.

Do you spend most of your time researching, instead of actually writing? Would you like to make your article visually rich with images and videos instantly How about making them search engine optimized on the go? Well, that's exactly what Word Assistant is all about.

The system breaks into 2 main elements; Efficiency, using natural language processing algorithms, it scans the internet for you, summarizes related articles, and shows you exactly what you should be writing about and what angles your article should cover. Lastly; Engagement, A successful content should deliver the right message to the right audience, at the right time. To achieve that hard task, it analyses your content in real time as you type and makes up to date suggestions for a high user engagement and search engine optimization performance. As a result, you get a better outcome faster than before as well as investing less time and capital resources to your content.

Where are we going?

With the rise of the machine learning and natural language processing technologies, we're a few steps away from getting our content written completely by machines, so the question becomes, whether a human should intervene with the writing process, or they are required at all? As I've stated in the beginning of the article, we're still far away from getting ready-to-publish content with one click of a button. But while I was finishing this article up, I came across an interesting news, and it could sum up the topic very well.,

A software engineer named Zack Thoutt was tired of waiting for George R. R. Martin to finish the latest part of "A Song of Ice and Fire", called "The winds of winter" and he has used artificial intelligence to write and predict the end himself.

The Recurrent Neural Network was fed with the 5.376 pages of the previous 5 books and it has taken a stab at writing the sixth one.

The result was shocking and it surprisingly made sense, aligned with the previous parts and some viewer predictions.

Read the AI predicted 6 chapters here. (It may contain some spoilers)

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